Ranger Obituary Spotlight

WWII Ranger


Alm, Raymond F Wife Audrey died in Dec 2007
Altieri, James Original Darby Ranger; Bronze Star w/Oak Leaf Cluster; Purple Heart w/Oak Leak Cluster; ETO w/6 Stars & 4 Arrowheads; Ranger Hall of Fame 2009
Anderson, Axel “Andy” Birmingham, Alabama
Arimond, William Ex-POW; Original Darby Ranger
Auger, Ulysses G. “Blackie” Original Darby Ranger; Ranger Hall of Fame
Bachman, Jr., Clarence N. Myers, FL; Silver Star; Purple Heart w/Oak Leaf Cluster
Barbarino, Edward Original Darby Ranger; Resurrection Cemetery (Staten Island)
Bateman, Charles D. ex-POW; Original Darby Ranger; Stalag 3B
Bayer, Otto Silver Star, Bronze Star; Purple Heart
Berke, Neal Wife Joyce died 11 Mar 2005
Bero, Joseph Ex-POW; Stalag 2B
Blum, Gilbert Ex-POW; Stalag 7A
Bode, Ivan “Buster” Ex-POW; Stalag 2B
Brennan, Jr., James Ex-POW; Stalag 2B
Brest, John A. New Castle, PA; Tech 5; Service 4/2/43 to 11/29/45;
Battles/Campaigns: Sicilian-Naples, Fogia, N. Apennines
Burnett, John Ex-POW; Purple Heart w/Oak Leaf Cluster
Butler, Grant Original Darby Ranger
Carroll, Edmond L. Princeton, WV
Coldsmith, William Shippenburg Health Center; Bronze Star; Purple Heart
Cooper, Burnie Ex-POW; Stalag 2B
Coughlin, Francis 'Fran' Wife Theresa died 14 November 2008
Cox, Donald E. Ex-POW; Stalag 2B
Crawford, Franklin A. Ex-POW; Stalag 7A; Contact Granddaughter if you remember him:
Daugherty, Vernon E. Tucson, AZ; Ex-POW; Stalag 2B
Davis, Harold C. Kamiah, ID
Deeb , Peter Original Darby Ranger
DeFoe, LaVern “Ben” Idaho
Denbo, Charles Huston Purple Heart; Wife Marybell died Oct 2009
Dineen, Zelly J Ex-POW; Stalag 2B
Dix, Fred Purple Heart
Eberle, Gerald “Jerry” Bronze Star
Edlin, Robert “Bob” Corpus Christi, TX; Distinguished Service Cross; Purple Heart with two Oak Leaf Clusters; Ranger Hall of Fame; Book: “The Fool Lieutenant”
Eineichner, Clarence "Charlie" W. Sterling Heights, Michigan
Elder, Eugene E. “Gene” Cherokee, Iowa; Bronze Star; Purple Heart
Elliott, Clyde W. Original Darby Ranger
Emerson, Irving F. Original Darby Ranger; Purple Heart
Epperson, Conway Silver Star; Bronze Star
Fineberg, Joe Posted by daughter Deborah Pollack
Fitch, Bernard National Cemetery, Battle Creek, MI
Galbraith, John Sioux Falls, SD
Gary, Robert “Page” COL (R); Purple Heart w/Oak Leaf Cluster; Ranger Hall of Fame in 2009
Gillespie, Robert Purple Heart
Goad, Clarence Ex-POW; Stalag 2B
Goff, Leonard L. Posted by Dan Lackey nephew
Goranson, Ralph E. Commanding officer of Charlie company 2nd Ranger Bn , DSC for his action on Omaha beach 6.6.44
Grace, Jr., Thomas A. Participated in the Raid on Cabanatuan
Gummel, Kenny Maryland; Prospecthill Cemetery, DC
Gunther, Harold Silver Star; Purple Heart; 2E Platoon Sgt from start to finish, Camp Forrest, TN to April 1943
Herder, Harry Book: We Remember WWII (Personal Accounts)
Herring, Thomas Charlotte, NC; Arlington National Cemetery;
Ranger Hall of Fame
Hodgson, John Arlington National Cemetery w/ "Once an Eagle Ceremony"
Holy, Norman Original Darby Ranger
Homan, Charles T. Submitted by Son, Philip G. Homan, SGM (R )
Houseman, Robert Ex-POW; Stalag 2B
Hudnell , James H. Purple Heart
Hutton, George F. IIpswich, England; Lifetime member of the RBA Western Chapter;
Jackson, Maurice Walter Reno, Nevada; Purple Heart (Hill 400); Bronze Star; Virginia “Meme” (Wife of Maurice Jackson 2Hq/E) died 12 April 2004, Elko, NV; Contact: Daughter Lynn Towne: >a href=mailto"" style="color:#ff0000">
Johnson, George Ex-POW; Stalag 3B
Jones, Ivor Purple Heart
Kness, Lester E. Original Darby Ranger; Participated in the Dieppe Raid/ Ranger Hall of Fame
Kohl, Francis “Webb” Purple Heart
Krise, Edward Medic; Purple Heart; Arlington National Cemetery
Laycoax, Russell Knox, IN
Leighton, Charles San Diego, CA
Lemon, Charles Cameron Charleston, WV
Lorett, James Purple Heart
Luckhurst, Judson Original Darby Ranger; Ex-POW; Stalag 2B
Lyman, Thomas J. “Tom” CPT; CO; Calvary Cemetery, Evanston, IL 
Mannie, Earl Wife Iona died 24 May 2005
McCloskey, Regis Silver Star; Purple Heart
McEleney, Edward J. Received Silver Star
McIllwain, Walter Gloria “Sis” (Wife of Walter McIllwain 5) died 04 May 2004
Meade, Steven Arlington National Cemetery
Merrill, Richard P. “Dick” at his residence; Arlington National Cemetery; Silver Star; Purple Heart w/2 Oak Leaf Clusters
Miller, Charles L. heart attack; Paddletown Cemetery, Newberrytown, York County, PA; Submitted September 2003 by son: Jeffrey A. Miller
Miller, John Austin Original Darby Ranger; Purple Heart
Moore, Marvin Purple Heart
Mosberg, Stanley Place of Death – Banning, CA
Nance, Alvin H. Arlington National Cemetery; Purple Heart
Nelson, George Lois N. (Wife of George Nelsen1E) died 21 Oct 2004
Nelson, Ward Waterville, WA
Nordland, John Claire (Wife of John Nordland 1A) died 13 Feb 2001
O'Connor, Ed Wisconsin; Book: We Remember WWII
O'Keefe, William “Billy” Purple Heart; Family contact: Niece Ann O'Keefe:
Palumbo, Charles L. Ex-POW; Stalag 2B; Contact Son
Lewis Palumbo
Patrick, James K. Silver Star; Purple Heart
Perry, John J. Miyoko (Wife of John Perry 5A) died Jan 2007
Peterson. Ronald I. Original Darby Ranger
Pfrunder, David L. Original Darby Ranger
Pollard, Lloyd Purple Heart; Queen of Heaven Cemetery
Potratz, Melvin G. “Bud” Purple Heart
Pruitt , Lloyd Phoenix, AZ
Pyles, Robert S. Purple Heart
Rambis, Michael Original Darby Ranger
Red, Doy Fresno, CA
Reed , Nathan C. Purple Heart w/Oak Leaf Cluster
Richardson, Earl Ex-POW; Stalag 2B
Robey, Hayward Bronze Star; Purple Heart w/Oak Leaf Cluster
Roush, James Purple Heart
Rusin, Michael Original Darby Ranger
Samet, Henry Purple Heart
Shalala, James He and wife Patricia died 09 Mar 2006 in Auto Accident
Sharp, Rex Fort Smith National Cemetery
Shunstrom, Charles Buffalo, NY; Arlington National Cemetery; Silver Star; Bronze Star; Purple Heart w/Oak Leaf Cluster
Shuput, Michael Original Darby Ranger; Purple Heart; Arlington National Cemetery
Skarie, Robert W. Fort Wayne, IN
Stabler, Sr., Hollis D. Book: “No One Ever Asked Me” – his story 
Stivison, William J. Silver Star; Purple Heart w/Oak Leaf Cluster
Suchier, Oscar Art West Palm Beach, FL
Szima, Alex Purple Heart
Thomas, Ronald Participated in the Cabanatuan Raid
Thompson, Clyde C. Original Darby Ranger
Twigg, Roger Original Darby Ranger
Walker, William H. Fresno, CA
Werkowski. Paul P. Ex-POW; Stalag 2B; Purple Heart
Westerholm, Harold Original Darby Ranger
Williams, George S. Took Over 2 BN 12/06/44 from Rudder; Bronze Star w/Oak Leaf Cluster
Wilson, Warren Purple Heart
Yenzer, Ronald Purple Heart
Young, Leilyn COL (R); Original Darby Ranger; Arlington National
Zyrkowski, Henry “Zeke” Purple Heart