Mission and Purpose

Carrying on their legacy with honor and privilege...

The Descendants of World War II Rangers, Inc.

Recognizing that by virtue of their lineage, they are part of, and privileged to memorialize Ranger History.

Founding Father: Ranger James Altieri

We are the creation of our founding father, Ranger James Altieri. Ranger Altieri is one of the original Rangers who trained with the 1st Battalion at Achnacarry, Scotland. Upon his return to the states, Ranger Altieri wrote two books about the Ranger experience: The Spearheaders and Darby's Rangers.

Ranger Altieri was an active Ranger for many years after his return. He perpetuated the Ranger legacy through his books, several movies, and also through his dedication, inception, and involvement in countless Ranger related organizations.

Among these many contributions was his endeavor to find and unite the Descendants of all six Ranger Battalions. His intent was to create a family organization that would carry on the Ranger legacy. He collected the names and addresses of countless Ranger offspring. This roster was passed on to Ranger relative David Williams who along with an initial handful of other Descendants, acted to organize and implement the mission of locating and uniting Rangers and their families.

The roster has now grown to exceed 600 WWII Ranger family members.

The Descendants of WWII Rangers are working together to:

  • Honor our Rangers
  • Educate our Descendants of WWII Rangers
  • Unite Ranger Families
  • Inform on: Past, Present, Future events

Who are we?

We are the descendants of World War II Rangers. We are proud sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, wives, widows, and grandchildren.

What do we do?

We are a shadow to the members of the six Ranger Battalions of World War II. We support each and every remaining WWII Ranger. As they grow older, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to unite as they have in years past. We support their functions, educate, inform, locate, and unite Ranger families. We have united to help them get together, establish avenues to honor their legacy, and ensure their history lives on forever.

How do we do it?

Together with other members of the extended Ranger family, we help at Ranger Reunions, (held every year), and assist in their Chapter functions across the country to keep them active as needs in these areas arise.

Why do we do it?

We do this out of love, appreciation, patriotism, understanding, and adoration. It is a privilege to give back to a group of men who has given so much. There is nothing quite like the Brotherhood of Rangers. These men travel to extremes just to be together. There is an unspoken understanding and camaraderie that sustained them sixty years ago, and that remains today. They seek each other now, more than ever. As a member of the Descendants of WWII Rangers, you can help make this possible for them.

What's in it for me?

The Descendants of WWII Rangers enjoy the satisfaction of showing these seasoned heroes they have not been forgotten, nor has their glowing past. The Battalion pages on this web site document the outstanding accomplishments of this small band of 3000 men, battalion by battalion. The Descendants of WWII Rangers organization offers you a rare opportunity to recognize, that by virtue of your lineage, you are a part of, and privileged to memorialize the history of your Ranger. Please seize that opportunity!

How do I join?

Click here to access a printable membership form. Dues are a mere $35/annually to cover the cost of mailing and administrative costs. Questions - contact us