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Updated August 2010

Securing Veteran’s Benefits

Rangers who attended the NE Chapter Christmas Party in December 2003 were alerted to some
Veteran's benefits that non-attendees may be unaware of. In an effort to share this information with
all Rangers, it will be summarized below with contact information:

First and foremost, every Vet should have a VA (Veteran's Administration) card!
Veteran's Administration telephone number: 1 800-827-1000

By calling this number, many of your questions will be answered. They will also send you any forms you may need such as Form 10 - 10EZ (Application for Health Benefits). This form can also be obtained from your nearest VA Hospital.

Once you have this form, fill it out and submit it to the hospital with your DD214 or Discharge papers. Also, bring any private hospitalization cards you have for health coverage. The VA will make copies of the cards and attempt to collect financial coverage from the companies if you are being treated for Non-Service related disabilities.

You will be photographed and given an official VA Identification Card. Once you are in the VA system, when they treat you for Service-Connected illnesses or injuries (i.e. frostbite, etc.) your next step is to see a National Service Officer from a Service Organization (i.e. MORPH-DAV-American Legion-Vietnam Veterans of America, etc.) and file a claim for compensation. Do not file through the Veteran's Administration; instead, use your National Service Officer to be your advocate.

On the application of Health Benefits, carefully read Section 11B (Financial Disclosure). Let your conscience be your guide.

Military Funerals

Securing Military Burials and Honors
Military Honors: Honor Guard in dress blues, rifle salute, etc.

Burial Information sources:

  • Information and assistance may be easily obtained from a nearby Veterans Administration office or VA Hospital, also any VFW, or American Legion post. Burial and honors are at government expense. (Wives may be buried in the same plot at a National Cemetery) Go to:
  • Arlington National Cemetery is an option for Rangers across the country. For more information go to: and then to funeral information. Cost: none once inside the gate.

Once an Eagle Ceremony
Realizing that many Rangers have an attendance of Ranger Brothers at their funerals, a ceremony you may wish to consider, if you don't already practice, is the "Once an Eagle" ceremony. For those of you unfamiliar with this, it is briefly described below:

All Rangers (from any era) in attendance sit together for the ceremony. This may be conducted at the actual funeral, or at the gravesite service. If this is conducted during the actual funeral service, coordinate the placement of the "Once an Eagle Ceremony" during the service with the family and those conducting the actual funeral service. If this is conducted at the gravesite service, it should take place just before the rifle salute and Taps.

Actual Once an Eagle Ceremony

One Ranger, designated as the OIC, announces,
OIC: Rangers, post

Upon the detail posting, he then calls out:
OIC: Report for Ranger Roll Call

He then reads a list of the names of all Rangers present at the service.
OIC: Ranger________

Ranger in formation replies: Here

After each name is read, the Rangers present replies with, "HERE" until a roll has been called for all Rangers in attendance.

The last name called, is that of the fallen Ranger.

(name of deceased Ranger)
pause for a reply.....when there is none

Ranger_________(name of deceased Ranger)
pause for a reply.....when there is none

Ranger_________(name of deceased Ranger)
After the third calling of his name, a Ranger standing in formation announces,

Ranger in formation:
Sir, Ranger ______(name of the deceased Ranger) who was "Once an Eagle" is now reporting as a US Army Ranger to a much higher authority. May God bless him.

OIC orders: Hand Salute

OIC orders: Order Arms

OIC: Yes, may God bless him. Rangers, you are dismissed.

And the ceremony is over.

Bugles Across America
Bugle Across America is an organization whose mission is to help in the rendering of honors to veterans through the use of genuine buglers playing Taps instead of using a recording. There are enough members, widely dispersed, to attend almost any funeral in most locations and not just National Cemeteries. Although they do not charge for this, it is suggested that a modest donation to their organization be submitted to support their ongoing efforts.

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