Camp Shanks Memorial Park – Memorial Day 2003

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On May 25 at 9:55 a.m. the bugle rang out in Call Assembly at Camp Shanks Memorial Park in Orangeburg, NY. Thankfully, those of us gathered to honor our service men and women were given a reprieve from the rain. Although the sun didn't shine, the clouds couldn't dampen our spirits.

The park honors many who served in the armed forces, but my connection lies with the walkway called "Victory Road", dedicated to the WWII Rangers of the 2nd Bn. So far, 32 bricks of honor have been laid on this walkway with room for more.

There were various politicians speaking, from a Congressman and NY Senator, to county legislators and the local chief of police. The keynote speaker for me was Captain Sidney Salomon of the 2nd Ranger Battalion, B and C companies. Ranger Salomon endeared himself to the crowd with his brief overview of the 2nd Ranger Battalion during WWII.

The Korean Veterans Eagle Squadron Rifle Team (seen below) was on hand for the final salute after which time the bugler played "Taps". The Quartermaster then raised the colors to full mast.

Story by: Julie Rankin Fulmer, Daughter of Ranger Richard Rankin, 2/A

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World War II Veterans
Photo courtesy Diane Donnelly

Eagle Squadron
Photo courtesy Diane Donnelly

(left to right, starting with 3rd from left) Congressman Engle, VFW Post Cmd Ed Dell, Ranger Sidney Salomon, unknown, NY State VFW Cmd Rhode
Photo courtesy Diane Donnelly

Ranger Butrico
Photo courtesy Diane Donnelly

Ranger Butrico, Julie Fulmer, Ranger Salomon
Photo courtesy Julie Fulmer