Rhone American Cemetery

Rangers - WWII Rhone American Cemetery

Former Rangers who were re-assigned to the FSSF and now rest in the soils they liberated

This World War II cemetery in France contains the grave of the more than 860 war dead, and nearly 300 names on the Walls of the Missing, most of whom lost their lives in the liberation of southern France in August 1944.

Following the D-Day landings, a second allied invasion took place on the southern coast of France. Many of those who died in Operations Dragoon and Anvil are buried nearby at the World War II Rhone American Cemetery. A carving of an Angel of Peace on the face of the Memorial watches over the graves as heroes sleep. Rows of olive trees planted among more than 860 headstones lend an unforgettable peacefulness to the scene. Here, a general is buried with his troops, as there is no special distinction for rank among the headstones. A large, bronze relief map depicts the invasion sites and military operations in the region. Secluded gardens surrounded by Cyprus trees provide a place for quiet contemplation. Inside the memorial is a devotional chapel. A mosaic behind the altar remembers the sacrifice of those who died. Here a grief stricken couple mourns a lost child. On the rear wall is a large mosaic depicting the Great Seal of the United States. Outside the memorial are walls engraved with names of the American missing in action. These brave Americans died so that future generations might live in peace.