Henri-Chapelle Cemetery

Rangers - WWII Henri-Chapelle Cemetery

Rangers who rest in the soils they liberated photos courtesy Honorary S&D, Franck Maurouard, France

The World War II Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial is located near Henri-Chapelle, Belgium. At this cemetery, covering fifty-seven acres, rest 7,992 American military Dead, most of whom gave their lives during the advance of the American Armed Forces into Germany during World War II. Their headstones are arranged in gentle arcs sweeping across a broad green lawn which slopes gently downhill. An overlook affords an excellent view of the rolling countryside, once a battlefield. To the east is a long colonnade, which with a chapel and museum at either end, overlooks the burial area. The chapel is simple but richly ornamented. Two maps of military operations, carved in black granite with inscriptions recalling the achievements of the American Armed Forces, are in the museum. The cemetery possesses great military historic significance as it accommodates the fallen Americans of two major efforts - one covering the U.S. First Army's drive in September 1944 through northern France, Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg into Germany - and the second covering the Battle of the Bulge