Ranger William D. Myers

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KIA at Point de la Percee, France

William D. Myers was KIA at Point de la Percee with C company of the 2nd Rangers. His nephew, Bill Myers, has been looking for any surviving Rangers that may remember his Uncle Bill. He had the good fortune of speaking with Capt. Goranson in 1997.

Since posting his story and photo here on the S&D website, he has had the honor of speaking with his uncle's commanding officer, Sidney Solomon. Ranger Solomon informed Bill that his uncle, Ranger Myers, was KIA shortly after disembarking their landing craft at Pointe de la Percee. According to Cpt. Solomon, Myers was a good friend of Sgt. Kenneth Hendrickson who was also KIA on the beach that day.

William Myers entered the Army in the late 1930's and worked his way up to Staff Sergeant in the MP. After the war started, he volunteered to enter the Rangers but was forced to take a demotion to get in. According to Bill's father (who served in the South Pacific along with another brother), his Uncle Bill didn't hesitate to become a Pfc in order to get a chance "to let the axis have it."

Photo and history submitted by Ranger Myer's nephew
Bill Myers
September 2002