Ranger Angus Gillis “Mac” McKinnon – 1F


Born in Geneva , Alabama on October 22, 1919 to Luther Gillis McKinnon and Willie Lee Slaughter McKinnon. He was the sixth of eight children in the family. Mac spent his childhood years in Alabama , with his family eventually settling in Quincy , Florida . He graduated from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and was a lifelong fan of the Tennessee Vols. Mac's friends and family would describe him as all-American, with a hearty laugh and a true appreciation of his fellow man. 

Mac was proud to have served his country during World War II in Company F, First Ranger Battalion of the United States Army, where he achieved the rank of first lieutenant. He fought with the armed forces in Sicily, Italy, and Africa . Among his many honors, he was awarded a Purple Heart. 

In the mid-fifties, Mac and his family moved to Houston from Knoxville . The family quickly put down roots, enjoying a large circle of friends. Mac was an active participant in youth sports, often coaching his children's teams, including football, Little League baseball, and basketball.