Ranger Howard Arthur MacDonald – 5F



An elementary school teacher once accused Massachusetts's native, Howard Arthur MacDonald, of not working to potential. Howard graduated from Natick High with two letters in hockey and an all-star title for his defense. While working for Polaroid, he enlisted in the army and as a First Sergeant with the 5th Ranger Battalion, took shrapnel at Omaha Beach, Normandy on D-Day, WWII. While recovering, he fell in love with the lovely Barbara Grady of the Women's Army Corps, married her in '45 and had a daughter in '47. Howard earned a bachelor's degree from Northeastern University and worked as an engineer for MIT's Lincoln Laboratory. With drafting and carpentry skills, he built two houses with his own hands as his daughter, wrapped in a snowsuit, handed him the nails. He retired and moved to Chandler, AZ in 1980 where he helped raise three grandchildren, teaching them dignity, respect and the value of a well told joke. He conquered and subdued golf courses all over Arizona, cheered on the Suns and the D'Backs and enjoyed time with his great-grandchildren, occasionally letting the eldest beat him at cards. After 84 years of exceeding his own potential, he fell asleep in his own bed for the last time, March 1, 2007. He is survived by his wife of 61 years; a daughter; 3 grand and 5 great grandchildren. To honor his memory, shake a veteran's hand and thank them for their service. Thank you for your time.

Joel Smalley, grandson