Research Reading List

We frequently get the question, "Can you tell me more about what my Ranger relative did during WWII?" The answer is, "Probably not" as we do not have much information on individual WWII Rangers, but we can provide the below assistance and resources for your study and investigation.

  1. You should start by determining the unit and service number of your WWII Ranger relative at WWII Ranger Roster
  2. Your Ranger relative's archive enlistment record is at Archive Enlistment Records
  3. If your Ranger relative was in a POW camp, then go to Archive POW Records
  4. You should obtain the DD-214 Separation Papers for your WWII Ranger relative. This will provide information on units, medals, overseas time, skills. This document can be obtained following the procedures at Get your relative's DD-214
  5. Once you get the DD-214, you can send a copy to a medals company to determine earned medals at One Medals Company
  6. While you are waiting, you can check out the below resources to learn more about your Ranger relative's experiences. Sometimes an individual Ranger will be listed in the index with some information on him.


Commander Ranger Force - Darby Rudder Schneider Mucci
Battalion 1 3 4 2 5 6
Rangers in World War II by Robert Black X X X X X X
U.S. Army Special Operations in World War II by David Hogan, Jr. X X X X X X
Commandos and Rangers of World War II by James Ladd X X X X X X
We remember WWII: A collection of U. S. Army Ranger stories X X X X X X
Rangers and Special Forces of WWII: Photographs by Robert Ross X X X X X X
An Infantryman's Journal: 1942 - 1966 by John Hummer X X X X X X
Beyond Valor: WWII Rangers and Airborne by Patrick O'Donnell X X X X X X
My Father's War by Jim Schneider X X X
Rangers at Dieppe: The First Ranger Combat in WWII by Jim DeFelice X
The Phil Stern Gallery presents WWII X X X
William Orlando Darby, a Military Biography by Michael King X X X
Darby's Rangers: We Led the Way by William O. Darby X X X
Darby's Rangers: An Illustrated Portrayal of the Original Rangers by J. Altieri X X X
The Ranger Force: Darby's Rangers in World War II by Robert Black X X X
Spearheaders: A Personal History of Darby's Rangers by James Altieri X X X
Darby's Rangers 1942-45 by Mir Bahmanyar X X X
Onward We Charge: Darby's Rangers in World War II by Paul Jeffers X X X
A Crazy Plan: Darby's Rangers Heroic Last Stand at Cisterna by M. Goff X X X
The Battle is the Pay-Off by Ralph Ingersoll X X X
The Barrel-Land Dance Hall Rangers by Anders Arnbal X X X
Escape in Italy: The Narrative of LT William Newnan X
No One Ever Asked Me by Hollis Stabler X
First Special Service Force: A War History by Robert Burhans X
Remembrances of My Service in World War II by Erich Scharf (free download) X
Heroes Cry Too: Ranger Tells His Story by M. Moen and M. Heinen X X
Leading The Way: Darby's Rangers by Noel Dye X
The Battalion: The 2nd Ranger Battalion in WWII by Robert Black X
Dog Company: The Boys of Pointe du Hoc by Patrick O’Donnell X
The Boys of Pointe du Hoc: 2nd Ranger Battalion by Douglas Brinkley X
Rudder's Rangers by Ronald Lane X
The Road to Victory: the WWII 2nd Battalion Rangers by PFC Morris X
Liberation of Pointe Du Hoc by JoAnna McDonald X
The Fool Lieutenant; D-Day and WWII by M. Moen and M. Heinen X
Rangers Lead the Way - Pointe-du-Hoc D-Day 1944 by Steven Zaloga X
Small Unit Actions – Pointe du Hoc X
Impossible Victories:Ten Unlikely Battlefield Successes by Bryan Perrett X
Pointe du Hoc by Helmut von Keusgen. (This book is in German.) X
Rudder: From Leader to Legend by Thomas Hartfield X
D for Dog: The Story of a Ranger Company by Alfred Baer, Jr. X
The Battle of Huertgen Forest & Hill 400 by Scorpio X
Lead the Way, Rangers by Henry Glassman X
Intact: a First-hand Account of the D-day Invasion by John Raaen, Jr. X
Bloody Omaha - My Remembrances of That Day by James Copeland X
Training for Bloody Omaha: 5th Ranger Infantry Battalion by R. Hathaway X
Reflections of Courage on D-Day & the Days that Followed by Moen & Heinen X
The Lost Ranger: A Soldier's Story by Noel Mehlo X
Cover Up at Omaha Beach: Maisy Battery and the US Rangers by G. Sterne X X
Ghost Soldiers: World War II's Greatest Rescue by Hampton Sides X
The Great Raid by William Breuer X
Hour of Redemption: America's Most Daring POW Rescue by F. Johnson X

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Commander Ranger Force - Darby Rudder Schneider Mucci
Battalion 1 3 4 2 5 6
2nd Ranger Battalion X
2nd Ranger Battalion (Poland) X
Able Company, 2nd Rangers X
Easy Company, 2nd Rangers X
Fox Company, 2nd Rangers X
5th Ranger Battalion X